Magic Baits UK

 Environmentally friendly No harm to Nature !        100% Organic             


  The world's first aromatized and preserved real maggots!


 We have been avoiding all fancy names, have named our product simply Jarred Maggots. The product comes in four different sizes and ten different flavours. At first it may seem like lure but once you break into a jarred maggot, you will see how juicy it is, making it irresistable for fish. To use it, it can be hooked or on bait string or simply mixed with the feed. 

This bait will not break the feeder balls into pieces, will not move meters away from the feeding spot and won't bury itself in the mud.

Unopened, the product keeps for more than a year retaining its original flavour and texture. After opening use as soon as possible but refrigerated it can be used for, on average two weeks. 

When designing the different sized jars, we took into consideration how much bait you would actually use during one fishing session. We produce 40ml and 220ml jars since for luring or mixing with feed these sizes are the most practical. 


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