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Our family business was founded in 2008 and began selling to the home market in Hungary, as a wholesale part of a large-scale animal breeding business with many years of history. Now we are selling in several countries in Europe and most recently we have begun supplying to the UK and Irish market. Thanks to the reliable high quality and fresh goods, we have more and more partners every year and we can continually evolve. In addition to the own-produced conserved bone maggot, also we offer several bait products to our partners. We can ship our products nationwide or door to door by car or courier service to any point in the country.



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If you are interested in selling our products you can register. Registration on our website is subject to an operating license as our company is only dealing with wholesale. Our site can only be viewed and not operated as a webshop! If you are not a business/company interested in selling our products you can purchase them via our ebay shop. 



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